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As part of The Impact Initiative, we’d love to have you along to events that we’re running to connect and develop the social enterprise sector. Find events run by the programme below, and below that, events run by key players in the sector.


Kitchen Table Series

From 1st July, 2018 – Across Aotearoa

Good things happen when good people sit around a table.

Kitchen Tables are an opportunity to network with other social enterprises, hear about The Impact Initiative and share your ideas on what would help our sector grow. We'll be feeding the insights we discover directly back to government and using them to inform years two and three of the programme. Click on an individual event below to find out more.


Other Events

If you are hosting an event (conference, workshop, etc.) that would be useful for social enterprises and our sector, and if you would like to promote it in this calendar, just fill in this form and we'll be in touch! 


for you

If you’re not able to make it to an event, you can use the resources below for
learning, development or connection, wherever you are.


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