Thank you for the amazing response in the three weeks since The Impact Initiative launched!

Well over 1000 people have visited this site and numerous offers to help with various aspects of the programme have come in. People are submitting questions and we have received over 50 responses to the poll on the home page.

The poll asks ‘what does the social enterprise sector need the most?’ and the overwhelming number one choice (37% of respondents) was access to finance.


In addition to that, we had a number of insightful answers in the 'Other' section, which you can see below.

Artboard 1 copy 6.jpg

Over the past three weeks, we've been busy organising networking events as part of the Kitchen Table Talk series. We now have hosts for Central Otago, Nelson, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland and Northland and should have dates in the next few days. As the details get sorted we will be adding them here so check back shortly.

Finally, Ākina’s CEO, Louise Aitken achieved a life goal in being interviewed by Kim Hill the day after the programme launched. Their half-hour discussion covered issues related to social enterprise and had some folk emailing in with comments and questions. Have a listen below if you missed it.