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A future where businesses contribute to making NZ a better place, for our people and environment. That's what we call social enterprise*


Image: Miranda and Jacinta from Dignity NZ


The programme runs for three years, and will cover the following work streams:

Engaging with the Social Enterprise Sector

Facilitating Access to



Unlocking Access to Markets



What does the social enterprise sector need the most?

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Social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver social and/or environmental impact.

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Social enterprises take many forms and span between charities and for-profit enterprise on the business spectrum. They use a business model as a tool to solve social, environmental and economic problems.

In the absence of a formal legal definition, Ākina uses the following three key areas to define what is a social enterprise:

  • That the social, cultural and/or environmental mission provides a public or community benefit and that is the primary purpose of organisation;

  • That the majority of income is from trading a good or a service;

  • That the majority of either expenditure or profit is spent in the fulfilment of the purpose of the organisation.


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