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All Heart NZ

All Heart NZ began trading in October 2016. Created with the the purpose to support community organisation and the creation of sustainable funding achieved by providing a sustainability framework for corporates to dispose of their redundant equipment. They believe that by recycling and upcycling used office equipment and technology, corporate surplus is giving new life. They distribute to charitable organisations and community groups across New Zealand and the South Pacific  promoting a circular economy solution, impacting those most in need and reducing surplus waste in landfill. All Heart NZ partners with corporates all over New Zealand  who believe in sustainable operations and positive impact within local communities.

Joe Youssef founded the social enterprise in October 2016. The year before, while walking out of a friend’s accounting firm, he noticed one of their offices stacked high with computers, desks, chairs and other unwanted goods. Asking, what was going to happen with it all, the friend’s answer went something like, “Too hard... I’ll think about it later…”.

That struck a chord with Joseph; how many times during his corporate career did he see similar goods simply thrown away? How many times did he leave an unwanted phone, laptop or tablet in a drawer? His years of social sector experience helped him see redundant goods through fresh eyes; they were no longer too much hassle, but instead an opportunity to bringing about social change in people's lives and communities throughout New Zealand.

All Heart NZ’s business model is centered around building partnerships with corporate businesses helping further their sustainability practices while redirecting unwanted corporate goods to support non-profit groups, create charitable funding and publish the stories generated when unwanted corporate products impact the lives within NZ communities. All Heart NZ works to provide support to organisations providing hope and dignity for all people, especially for those struggling with homelessness and unemployment, all this through reducing corporate waste.


How do they measure their impact?

All Heart NZ keeps accurate records of all items redirected. Since their conception 854,451kgs of unwanted corporate goods and equipment has been diverted from landfill. They have supported 67 community groups including maraes, charities, schools and social enterprise from Dunedin to Kaitaia and the Pacific Islands. They have pioneered two other charitable social enterprise. One of these repurposes tech equipment, and the other upcycles and resells office furniture. All Heart NZ currently supports 6 employees paying living wage or above. Through their sustainability framework and diversion efforts $2.4 million dollars has been raised in charitable assistance.

How is All Heart legally structured?

All Heart NZ is an incorporated business that has charitable status. They are governed by a Board of Trustees that consists of six independent members. All surplus goods are resold, repurposed and recycled to reduce waste in landfills across NZ, and they expect to reach a turnover of over $1.5m in 2018.

Where to from here?

In the future, they hope to develop a South Auckland Corporate Sustainability and Social Enterprise Centre. Joe has established All Heart NZ with clear purpose, principles and priorities that will live past him achieving the same high standard of work for many years to come. In the next five years, All Heart NZ aims to establish three corporate sustainability centres in Auckland, and one in each of the major centres in NZ.

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All Heart NZ Founder, Joe Youssef

All Heart NZ Founder, Joe Youssef

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All Heart NZ

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